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FETs Program in NTPC

In our continuing effort to help teachers who are arriving in New Taipei, and their placement schools, TEACH TAIWAN, has built up this website.  We hope you will enjoy this resource and find it a valuable tool.  Our sincere hope is that it will increase your enjoyment of your life and work with the students and other faculty members. We also encourage and invite you to share experiences, resources, information, or anything that would continue to contribute to the success of the program.  


In the eyes of tomorrow, English is a very important tool of communication. That’s why the New Taipei City government, with the backing of the Ministry of Education, has invested in the Foreign English Teachers Program. Its goal is to teach English to Taiwanese children, starting from a very young age. To reach this goal, the government invites native English speaking teachers to help with the next generation’s English writing, reading, speaking and listening skills.

To boost English as a second language, we have strengthened the team of foreign English teachers to promote English courses to students. The program hopes to raise the interests in learning English among high school students and to develop better English language skills of local teachers by daily interaction between foreign and local teachers. See which schools are participating in the NTPC FET Program. 

The Foreign English Program


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